Tuesday, January 20, 2009

41 Student Groups Demonstrate on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day, students on college campuses nationwide will declare, “One day of Obama is enough. It’s time for change.”

41 chapters of the group Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) have confirmed their participation in a nationwide activism event to demonstrate against Barack Obama’s policies. Each chapter will distribute flyers, hand out pocket constitutions, and talk to students about the dangers of Barack Obama’s policies on their campus.

“Not all young people are excited about the policies of President Obama. Who do you think will pay for all of this reckless spending? Who will fight and die in these unnecessary wars oversees? Our generation will,” says Jeff Frazee, Executive Director of YAL, in Arlington, VA.

YAL’s event, Real Change Requires R3volution, seeks to peel back the marketing of Barack Obama and expose his policies for what they really are – not real change. Before taking office, Barack Obama has put forth an $800 billion economic plan, promised more troops in Afghanistan, and begun talks of reviving the draft.

“YAL chapters will demonstrate that there is a strong opposition to Obama’s youth movement and policies. He does not have a monopoly on our generation,” says Frazee.

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